Lollygagger: Life on Terminus – Album Review

Lollygagger, the band formerly known as The Peekaboos, have been rocking Chicago since 2012 and their latest release, Life on Terminus, will drop next month, courtesy of Midwest Action Records. Lollygagger is composed of Matt Amalgamate and Michael Sunnycide. Lollygagger: Life on Terminus Life on Terminus opens with John Q. Publick, a riff-driven banger that feels like it […]

Otto Mann: Relatively Accomplished Dreams – Album Review

Otto Mann has been “writing music for the kids we used to be and the idiots we’ve now become” since 2011 and released the three-track EP, Relatively Accomplished Dreams, last month via Worry Records. The Chicago-based punk rockers Nic Campa (Guitar), Vince Abbate (Vocals), Dan Tinkler (Drums), and Sam Broom (Bass) make up Otto Man. Otto […]

Endolphins: Landescape – Album Review

It has finally arrived people! After teasing us with their first single, 7¢ Birds, Endolphins’ latest album Landescape is ripe for listening. The Chicago americana/indie rock duo is Daniel Payne (guitar, vocals, bass) and Alex Strong (drums, vocals, piano) and these two do a whole lot of rocking on this album. Endolphins: Landescape Landescape kicks off with it’s […]

Scotch the Filmmaker: Lake Effect Indie Vol. 2 – Album Review

Lake Effect Indie Vol. 2 is the sequel to Scotch the Filmmaker’s Lake Effect Indie EP and came out earlier this month. Scotch the Filmmaker is a genre-blending indie rock band from Chicago’s northside and features Joe Monahan, Brad Mueller, Brian Kinney, Franny Sadler, Katie Bithos and, John Schieber. The collective has been playing together since […]

Lime Forest: Welcome to Lime Forest – Album Review

Welcome to Lime Forest, the latest project from Lime Forest, hit the interwebz last week. The 12-song full-length is the brainchild of Rick Sniegowski and he is the sole song-writer of the 43 minute eccentric, psychedelic rock journey we embark upon with this record. Lime Forest – Welcome to Lime Forest The album opens with […]