Otto Mann: Relatively Accomplished Dreams – Album Review

Otto Mann has been “writing music for the kids we used to be and the idiots we’ve now become” since 2011 and released the three-track EP, Relatively Accomplished Dreams, last month via Worry Records. The Chicago-based punk rockers Nic Campa (Guitar), Vince Abbate (Vocals), Dan Tinkler (Drums), and Sam Broom (Bass) make up Otto Man.

Otto Mann: Relatively Accomplished Dreams

Crown is the EP’s energetic, in-your-face opener. This 2-minute fireball is highlighted by a catchy guitar melody, aggressive drum beat, and a driving bass line ala Dan Andriano. This tune is Chicago pop punk through and through and with a vocal hook that’s easy to sing along to, I envision plenty of action in the mosh pit during this one.

8 of Something opens a little slower, with an excellent build up. I applaud the drum and bass work here, as they both do an incredible job of building tension and resolving it in a way that wants me to choke slam someone through a refrigerator. The backbone of this song is certainly the rhythm section, with some impressive drum fills and a heavily mixed throughout. I wish they did something more creative with the guitar during bridge, but overall another solid track, especially with the layered vocals in the chorus.

2000 Dollars Worth of Espresso closes the EP out on a more somber song, kicking off with the lyrics “I fucking hate you, but that’s okay.” The pure intensity of this vocal performance stood out to me; the singers’ passion and anger shined through and really packed a punch. The bass line and fills during the prechorus added a nice touch. The bridge and chorus on this song were easily the best of the three and showed some of Otto Mann’s songwriting chops.


The Chicago punk scene has clearly left its mark on Otto Mann, as Rise Against and Alkaline Trio influences their sound significantly. You can tell which bands these dudes grew up on.

I’m a big fan of the three tracks they put out on this record. From the non-stop, energetic Crown to the rhythmic 8 of Something to the well-written, passionate 2000 Dollars Worth of Espresso, Otto Mann brings something a little different to the table each time, but still maintains a cohesive sound. I can tell these guys will put on a show when I see them live and that they are probably no strangers to gassing beers. Can’t. Wait.


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