Lollygagger: Life on Terminus – Album Review

Lollygagger, the band formerly known as The Peekaboos, have been rocking Chicago since 2012 and their latest release, Life on Terminus, will drop next month, courtesy of Midwest Action Records. Lollygagger is composed of Matt Amalgamate and Michael Sunnycide.

Lollygagger: Life on Terminus

Life on Terminus opens with John Q. Publick, a riff-driven banger that feels like it could be a B-side on Gish. The heavy, fuzzy guitar, contrasted with the higher-pitched vocals captivated me from the first thirty seconds. The instrumentals rock hard between the verses, highlighted by thoughtful bass and guitar harmonization and well-timed rests. The drummer goes mental on this track and throws in some of the most fun fills and patterns I’ve heard in awhile, especially in the later part of the song. This is a keeper.

Segmented Hearts starts off with another guitar riff and a catchy vocal melody. This upbeat tune put a smile on my face as I bobbed my head in approval for the entire 2 and a half minutes. I really enjoyed the psychedelic, spacier vibe Lollygagger brought to the table here. The emphasis on the backup vocals and the smooth bass tones made for an easy listen.

Stone is the final track on the Life on Terminus EP and kicks off with an ominous bass lick, quickly transitioning into a chaotic jam. I love the darkness of this track and the distorted vocals. This was a stellar vocal performance top to bottom and showcased not only range, but an incredible screaming ability. Stone felt like a late seventies metal track and I can’t get enough of the old school distortion tones and picking patterns. Well done.


Lollygagger ROCKS. These dudes are clearly veterans of songwriting and know how to hook you in with addictive riffs and contagious energy. This 3-song EP is not enough; I can’t wait for more releases.

Lollygagger has earned a spot well near the top of my list of “must see” bands this summer and I can’t wait to experience their loud rock live soon. If you’re in the area, they’ve got some shows on the calendar and I’m sure they will be adding more very soon. Stay up-to-date on all things Lollygagger with the social links below or on our Artist page.


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