Endolphins: Landescape – Album Review

It has finally arrived people! After teasing us with their first single, 7¢ Birds, Endolphins’ latest album Landescape is ripe for listening. The Chicago americana/indie rock duo is Daniel Payne (guitar, vocals, bass) and Alex Strong (drums, vocals, piano) and these two do a whole lot of rocking on this album.

Endolphins: Landescape

Landescape kicks off with it’s lone single, 7¢ Birds. This upbeat tune, complete with math rock guitar licks and beautiful vocal harmonizations undoubtedly earned its singledom and left me eagerly anticipating the remainder of Landescape. This song’s warmth parallels the thawing of a Chicago winter into a vibrant spring so well.

Car, Revisited brings more rock spunk from the get-go while continuing the theme of low-gain guitar and fantastic vocal layering. The raw energy they bring to this track is contagious and I found myself head-banging pretty hard towards the outro build up and jam. If they can pull off these vocal combinations live, while maintaining the energy, this song will be a staple of their sets.

Ends/Means keeps the energy alive and introduces a slightly poppier side to the band. The melodic interlude in the middle of this track adds a nice touch to the album and my prayers are answered when they add a little spice to close out this well rounded song.

Strong’s piano work dominates the intro to Newton Falls, OH and gives this indie pop song the foundation it deserves and the band continues to incorporate more accessible pop melodies throughout this ditty. The folk influence that seeps into Newton Falls makes this a soothing road-trip type song.

From Life puts the strength of the band’s vocals on full display from the get-go. When Strong and Payne trade off, layer, and harmonize, the duo has an ability to create an impressively full sound with a limited roster. I love the way the piano becomes the foundation of this track and it makes me want to it hear featured more prominently in future work.

Landescape’s closing track, Homing, is a return to form in the rock department, offering and up-tempo beats and driving guitar. With Payne’s best vocal performance and intense rhythms, this song is a microcosm of what this band does best and a great bookend to a stellar piece of work.



Endolphin got me really excited for this release when I first heard 7¢ Birds a couple of weeks ago. I marked my calendar for yesterday’s release and was pleasantly surprised with the result. Landescape is incredible, front to back. I’m a huge fan this band’s sound, especially their vocal chemistry and songwriting ability. These two have a ton of talent and clearly enjoy working with each other.

Endolphin doesn’t have any dates on the calendar just yet, but I anticipate these seven tracks with generate some buzz in the DIY community and earn them some slots this summer. Be sure to check their social links below to support and keep in touch with them as they hit the scene soon!


Find the latest from Endolphins on Bandcamp and Facebook.

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