Brad Bru & The Crowd Goes Wild: How Absurd – Album Review

Brad Bru & The Crowd Goes Wild are at it again! The Chicago-based satirical rock group dropped How Absurd last month and are currently gigging on their fresh material. Their quick-hitting, 7-song album took me on an emotional journey complete with compassion, a little social anxiety, and no shortage of laughs. Let’s dive in…

Brad Bru & The Crowd Goes Wild: How Absurd

How Absurd opens with the cheese-ball of all cheese balls: Public Transportation. This dorky jam is actually extremely catch and made my head bob uncontrollably as I cranked it through my head phones (on CTA nonetheless).  I enjoyed the solo from this song and wish they’d have extended it a few more measures to really bring the whole thing together.

Some Things Don’t Belong In Our Mouths is a melodic punk song that addresses the goofiness of sharing toiletries with exes. This song, at just over 1 minute long, might be my favorite work on the entire album and hooked me with the driving bass line and energetic build up. It’s a lot of fun.

Status Update is a fun commentary on the narcissism we’re all faced with in today’s technological landscape. It kind of feels like a late nineties Green Day song (in a good way) and delivers from beginning to end.

Walrus Love Song showed Brad Bru’s inner Prince as he belted out a love song about an actual walrus, complete with a “big ‘ol blubber butt” and walrus calls, making for a hilarious track. PSA is a campy tune that pokes fun at the arbitrary nature of swear words and has lots of potential to be fun in a live setting.

The Wings of an Eagle is arguably the best musical composition on the entire album and boasts some incredible guitar work and a bluesy vibe that gives the keys plenty of room to shine. The falsetto vocals are absolutely incredible and build nicely from the pre-chorus into the chorus. I challenge you to not laugh out loud during this one.


I enjoyed what Brad Bru & The Crowd Goes Wild put together with How Absurd. I’m a firm believer that art – namely music and comedy – are the best vehicles for social change and discussing difficult topics. Brad Bru does an inspiring job of melding these two together and making a fun record in the process.

The band currently does not have any gigs on the calendar, but a successful album release party at Tonic Room last month showcased they can rock the house. Expect them to be hitting the Chicago rock circuit soon!

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