Why we are here

It’s pretty simple: we love rock music. But. in a world where people are questioning the health of the rock community, there’s no better time than now to show our support for the bands we adore.

It starts here, on a grass-roots level. We must support our local bands that are making badass music. We need to start buying and streaming their albums and purchasing and wearing their merch. Most importantly, we need to support them in person and experience their craft live.

Flying your flag and showing your love for Chicago rock music starts here. This blog exists to grow a community of rock lovers. It’s here to give artists a platform and bring people together. Most importantly, it’s here to make rock music fun again. It’s here to start a movement.

Because one rock song can…

brighten your day.

build a friendship.

break down barriers.

open your mind.

change your world.

help you escape.

ease pain.

bring a new generation together.

change the world.

and so much more.

So, we in this together? I hope so. Let’s Make Rock Fun Again, one band at a time. 

What we do

Blog – we write artist features, album reviews, concert reviews, and more about the local, up-and-coming rock bands in the Chicago scene

Playlists – we curate top tracks from local rock artists and compile them into a Spotify playlist each week; don’t worry we archive them too in case you miss one!

Merch – we link back to all artist merch on our site; we don’t make a penny: the artists are always first, so show your support!

Concert Calendar (coming soon) – we host a complete list of rock concerts in the Chicago area, updated daily

Newsletter – we send artist content, playlists, and concert dates directly to your inbox each week; pretty sweet right?

Who we are

oh, and he’s bald af

Make Rock Fun Again is the brainchild of D.J. Podgorny. D.J. is a minimalist, recovering world traveler, and former van dweller. He loves music, sports, Mexican food, and uncertainty. He grew up on AC/DC and Led Zeppelin and eventually graduated to Primus and Red Hot Chili Peppers when he realized he could slap da bass in above average fashion. Today, he’ll listen to anything with a bumpin’ rhythm section, preferably with guitar cranked to the figure eight of infinity. He once gave a mediocre TEDx talk about how he lived in a van in the eBay parking lot for a year.

He’s played bass since age 13 and has been featured in esteemed lineups such as PPE, Raptor Brethren, Baco Tell, and his most recent project, Werewolf on Holiday , a San Francisco based rock band with whom he recorded the La Dawn EP in early 2017. He’s currently looking to start a new project when he moves back to Chicago for good this summer. He’s a work in progress and feels like writing this in the third person is super narcissistic.

Hit him up on Instagram @djdoesphotos

Want to get involved? Have questions, comments, or suggestions? Contact us!

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